Let's peel back the layers, shall we?

about me

My childhood prepared me to either be a powerful healer or to live a prisoner in my own thoughts and actions. I chose freedom and healing. I can show you how to get there, too.

Before I ever saw myself as a facilitator of healing, people naturally came to me to share intimate secrets and fears and seek my help to find a new perspective or solution. I also found myself in their houses bringing order to their chaos. 

Helping others feel less burdened is  my gift - it's what I do naturally and truly enjoy. I've coached and mentored in different capacities for more than 30 years.

I'm a multiple modality life coach who understands that everything is connected. My specialty is around mindset, belief, and simple, practical steps to change.

What's important is to first make the major shifts in belief around self, then to make the finer shifts around either skill or belief. I teach the importance of keeping a mind, body, soul alignment. There are no isolated pieces, so I treat the whole person in my sessions.

I've been a student of nutrition, supplements and healthy lifestyle for 30 years and homeopathy for 20. This year, I obtained a certificate in life coaching to offer my clients even more tools. 

I bring order from chaos. I always have. I've had to bring order from chaos, or I would've been lost.

Freedom and greatness is possible for us all - the answers lie within you. I'll help you bring them out, get unstuck and move forward into who you want to be.

help me get unstuck!

Lori Crowe is a coach in Tallahassee, Florida who specializes in helping align the mind, body and soul through life coaching, home organization services and healthy lifestyle coaching. 
She is a mom of four, NOLA girl, astrology & human design student, and Jesus follower.